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全台最大的恭繪臥佛巨幅唐卡 Taiwan’s largest Christine huge reclining Buddha Thangka painting


距今一千五百多年前,位於阿富汗的釋尊佛像,後來他們的國土上戰亂中被炸毀 ,其佛首現收藏於英國倫敦博物館。數年前藏傳佛教高僧*******與*******兩位欲請至印度重修完整,但因美金70萬元的高賈而放棄,但他們兩位不忘拍照回來。


日後畫師因有感於照片中之佛首塑像乃根據釋尊原貌而塑,故依此照片來描繪此臥佛圖,其五宮容貌及頭型都力求逼真。且參照大藏經中之記載中佛陀的髮髻上之明光,涅槃時所睡之石床,甚至所穿袈裟, 所臥之枕頭、腳墊,也都按照當時2500多年前印度的樣式及花紋。



Tsul Trim Woser-Professional artist of the Changduo Mansardri Dragon soung’s office

尺寸:650 X 300 (cm)





Shijiamouni buddha reclining buddha  Big Tangkha

Was more than 1500 years ago, located at Afghanistan’s buddha image of Buddha, in their national territory in the chaos caused by war was blown afterward up, its Buddha presently collects in the British London Museum. Several years ago Tibetan Buddhism eminent monk ******* and the ******* two desires please repair to India completely, but gives up because of 700,000 dollar high Jia, but their two do not forget to photograph.
The color person manufactures the mural when Tibet kathog  temple artist Chu Chen wo ser in the temple which Indian fall Lin Renbo cuts. The painter obtains the picture back sight is a treasure.
The artist will have the feeling a Buddha statue because will be in the future models in the picture according to the buddha original condition, therefore describes this reclining buddha chart according to this picture, its five palace appearance and the head make every effort clearly. And refers to in Buddhist scriptures in the record on the Buddha chignon the bright light, when nirvana rests the stone bed, even puts on the cassock, lies the pillow, the foot pad, also deferred to at that time more than 2500 years ago India’s style and the pattern.
The hope expressed the closest at that time buddha original condition to present this buddha nirvana chart (reclining buddha), showed the common people respectful which did not have to the buddha explains. At present a Taiwan biggest handpainted reclining buddha Tang cartew.

Buddha reclining buddha Big Tangkha
Author: Tsul Trimwo ser  color
Drawing age: in 2000
Size: 650 X 300 (cm)

Material quality: British import waterproofing pigment, oil canvas.
on April 5, 2003 exhibition in Gaoxiong municipal cultural center second cultural relic hall
Special Jia: New Taiwan dollar 35,0000 Yuan
If has the friend who needs to collect, please with treasure forest work room contact.
Contact: Telephone 0929635626


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